Everybody, as of this post, we are about a week away from finishing our 10th studio album, and we need your participation!  For this record, tentatively scheduled for release in August, we are going to involve our fans like never before.  We’re going to ask you to help us with everything from artwork to radio single selection and a whole lot more.  We have placed a bunch of great packages up on Kickstarter for sale to help us fund this project.  Check them out at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/disciplealbum2014/disciple-album-2014

We can’t wait to share the new music with you.  We love our fans and are so grateful for your support through the years.



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Too many bands fall prey to the age-old conundrum where, if they sound great live, their albums fall short—and if they can craft a great studio recording, they lack the goods to pull it off live. That’s what makes the new Disciple release, “O God, Save Us All,” such an achievement: It’s a tight, terrific collection of hard-hitting rock songs with a redemptive heart. But from the very start, lead vocalist Kevin Young and his comrades (Josiah … keep reading

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