Andrew – Guitar

Q: What’s your favorite Bible verse?
A: James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

Q: What’s your signature stage move?
A: The 360 Hair Flip

Q: What are your early influences?
A: Punk, Ska, Classic Metal

Q: What are your current influences?
A: Progressive Metal, Djent, Instrumental Guitar, Game & Movie Soundtracks

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: Zane Pro Custom S, Zane Elite Pro Custom T, Gibson Les Paul, EVH
5150III, Orange   PPC212, Option 5 Destination Phase, Boss DD-20
Delay, MXR 10 Band EQ, Holy Grail Reverb, Cry Baby From Hell, Digitech
Whammy DT

Q: Resume:
A: I Am Empire

Q: What’s your favorite album?
A: 1984- Van Halen

Q: What’s your favorite song?
A: Panama- Van Halen

Q: What’s your favorite book besides the Bible?
A: Ender’s Game Series, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Star Wars Novels, The
Screwtape Letters, Out of the Silent Planet, Dune

Q: What’s your favorite movie?
A: The Empire Strikes Back

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
A: Opportunity looks a lot like hard work

Q: What’s the most frequently asked question you get?
A: “Ya’ll in a band???”

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever autographed?
A:  Various foreheads

Q: What is your favorite Disciple song?
A: Regime Change

Q: How did you join disciple?
A: I met Disciple at a festival in Germany where I was playing with I
Am Empire, they needed a guitarist for their next tour and the rest is

Q: How long have you been in Disciple?
A: Since January of 2013

Q: How long have you been playing your instrument?
A: Since 1999

Q: Who is your favorite musical artist?
A: Edward Van Halen

Q: What musical training have you had?
A: 3 years of guitar lessons, 1 year of music theory, and 1 beginner piano book.

Q: Where are you from?
A: San Jose, CA (408)