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Over the years, we have been so blessed by many of our fans that have given donations to our band and ministry. Even though we are not a charity or non-profit organization, people have still consistently overwhelmed us with their generosity and giving. This page/link is a way to make it easier on those that God has laid it on their hearts to give to Disciple.

For those that would like to give a donation to the band, we would like to share our mission statement with you. In the spring of 1995, we made a conscious decision that we wanted Disciple to be more than a band. We wanted it to be a ministry. We decided that we were not only going to play music at our concerts, but that we were also going to share the gospel of Jesus Christ from the stage, and even give the opportunity for people to pray to receive Christ whenever it was possible. Since that time, we have been so blessed to have seen so many lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want our music to be a tool that God uses to bring people to Himself, and draw Christians into a deeper relationship with Him. All the awards and accolades we have received over the years are great, but they are not our motivation. Our vision is to provide hard rock music through our albums and concerts that is not only entertaining, but is filled with the Word of God. The letters we have received from people whose lives have been changed are better than any award we have ever been given. All of us in Disciple are honored that God is still using us for that vision, and we will stay committed to that vision as long as Disciple is making music.

Here are a couple of powerful letters that we have received from people whose lives have been changed by the gospel of Christ.

Dear Disciple,

I’ve written to you before. It was after Uprisefest 2010, and I had just gotten saved because of the all-around impact Disciple has had on my life. The music, the YouTube videos of you speaking, or even just watching how the band interacts with the fans. The genuineness continually blows my mind. I want you to realize the first impact you had was literally life-saving. Before I was saved, I self-mutilated. Cutting, giving myself bruises… you name it, I probably did it. I also came a hair’s breath from killing myself on several occasions. Something would always stop me, the thought of someone finding me and being haunted for the rest of their lives… Or what will my family do without me? When I got saved I was freed from the chains of depression and from viewing myself as worthless, or unloved. That is something I will forever be grateful for. You literally saved my life. And I thank God every day for Disciple’s ministry, and that’s actually what I had written you about before, to thank you. I want to thank you again.

Dear Disciple,

I’ve gone back and forth over the last 3 days on whether or not to send this to you or not and finally I decided you guys deserve to know that before it’s release date, HORSESHOES & HANDGRENADES is already making an impact on lives all over.

Just a few weeks ago, I had lost hope and was planning, down to the last detail, my suicide.

I’d lost a lot of things very important to me and was sick of myself, sick of pain, sick of living.

I’ve been a cutter for 7 years and just recently relapsed into that as well.

Well, then I downloaded the album and started listening to it and I thought, “hey I’ll go to the show in Rhinelander on October 7th and have one last fun night before I go.” So, the next week I figured I’d listen to the album and learn the lyrics to the songs since I figured that would be the bulk of the show and kept getting caught by 3 songs, dear x, eternity, and invisible. Eternity is the reason I didn’t just end it right there, I’m not going to pretend there was any other reason because well, I want to see Jesus and that song kept reminding me of that day so I was like, I’ll wait, I’ll wait… and then Invisible would make me tear up and cry every single time because the line “I need you to believe me, can you trust me, that what you see is not what I see, the reflection in the mirror’s telling lies, cuz nothing you have done can change how much I love you” really hit me super hard. Still does.

One night I was arguing with my friend with all the reasons I didn’t need to live anymore and she flat out told me, “If you go to that concert with the intention of killing yourself the next day then what those guys are getting up there to do, the reason they’re doing all of this, will be wasted” which was the first time I actually stopped to really think about what I was doing.

Long story short, I’m still here and I don’t plan on leaving.

Now, I know you lead an intensely busy life and I don’t really expect a reply to this but I just really wanted to thank you guys (all of you so feel free to share this with everyone) from the bottom of my heart & soul for what you do. I wouldn’t be here without you guys.

So, when you get on that stage in Rhinelander, WI for the Creation Tour, just know that I’m in that crowd because of you guys.

Click the button above to make a contribution and help support DISCIPLE.

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